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A Look Inside a Marijuana Warehouse

Canada may have lots of Marijuana dispensaries popping up every single day, which can make competition fierce for Online dispensaries such as Candelivery. To stay ahead of the game, the company has made agreements with local growers from British Columbia and Ontario  distributors their Cannabis products once it’s produce. By doing so, it will give Candelivery a competitive edges in providing their customers with lower prices for products such as flowers, concentrates, and edibles. They consider themselves as the Wal Mart of Cannabis, by providing good product for low prices. Marijuana buds does not have to be $10-13 per gram. Companies can make a reasonable profit selling it at $3-7 per gram but choose not too because of the risk involved. With the new marijuana law passing in 8-12 weeks, Canada needs to consider how local growers can produce it a lot cheaper then the Licenses Producers. Is it all greed? or does Canada need it to be privatize to get the consumers the price they are looking for?


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